Posted: 3 years ago

Young Winemaker: I Want to Popularize My Wines and Share My Story of Success to Women

Mariam Mirotadze, 22, who produces Si' • სი' wines has unveiled impressive plans for business expansion. Mariam Mirotadze is a young entrepreneur from Kakheti Region. The father gifted a 6-hectare vineyard to her, at 20. After this, she started thinking of how to care for the vineyards.

In a year, she decided to make family wines and manage the vineyard. The young girl returned to Lagodekhi and launched the production of Si' • სიwines of Rkatsiteli and Saperavi grapes.

“When I turned 22, I was already producing my wines. I have thought about the appellation for a long time: Si-kvaruli (love), Si-mshvide (peace), Si-laghe (hilarity), Si-gije (craziness), Si-mamatse (bravery), Si-tbo (warmth) or even Si-mtvrale (drunkard).

Si (Georgian abstract noun prefix) is in everything and everybody. I believe customers will find their own “Si” in my wines and get pleasure in my wines. I acquired self-confidence through participation in Buzz Georgia, a part of the USAID YES Georgia project. The theoretical knowledge received as part of the program helps me invaluable management.

I want to popularize my wines on the domestic market and launch exports too. I am also eager to share my success story to as many women as possible”, Mariam Mirotadze noted. Buzz Georgia USAID is a component of the USAID program for Youth and Women Entrepreneurship Support Program in Georgia.