Posted: 3 years ago

Khvanchkara Winery Grows Output

Khvanchkara Winery is one of the ancient companies producing various Georgian wines. The winery is located in the village of Khvanchkara, Ambrolauri District, Racha Region.

At the end of the 19thcentury, Noble Dimitri Kipiani invented the Khvanchkara wine production technology. As a result of incomplete fermentation, he received semi-sweet wine. In 1907, Dimitri Kipiani’s wine obtained a golden grand-prize at International Wine Festival in Belgium.

In the place of Dimitri Kipiani’s wine cellar, Khvanchkara Winery was built in 1927. The winery was purchased by the Chanturias Family in 2010.

“Our objective is to maintain the old tradition and simultaneously, introduce high-standard and modern technologies. At this stage, we produce 12 wine varieties in exclusively-designed bottles”, Khvanchkara Winery Director Giorgi Chanturia noted.

With the financial support of TBC Bank, the company re-equipped the plant and bought Italian machineries to further increase output. In 2019, Khvanchkara Winery produced 70,000 bottles of wines and plans to grow the number to 200,000 bottles in 2021.
70% of wines are sold in the domestic market.