Posted: 3 years ago

How Stricter Regulations on Restaurants May Affect Winemaking Business

Wine consumption at restaurants will essentially decline after 22:00 pm and at night stronger drinks and spirits are sold after the government tightened regulations on restaurants several days ago, Zurab Ramazashvili, head of the Telavi Wine Cellar supervisory board noted.

“Wines are consumed together with food, while people abstain from having meals after 22 o’clock. Consequently, these regulations will less affect wine consumption at restaurants. These regulations will create problems to bars and night clubs that work in intense regime at night”, Ramazashvili said.

Despite this, the failed tourism season has essentially narrowed sales of restaurant wines. The company has recorded a 50% slowdown in domestic sales. As for exports, the sales have declined in small volumes, Ramazashvili said. After Tbilisi and Imereti, restaurants’ working hours will be limited in Mtskheta too after 22:0 o’clock.