Posted: 3 years ago

Schuchmann Wine SPA Opens at Tbilisi Balneology Resort

The Wine SPA is an analog to Kakheti-based Wine SPA, but all other healing balneology procedures are also integrated into the Tbilisi facility, Schuchmann Group director general Nutsa Abramishvili told Business Partner TV Program.

As noted by Abramishvili, this is a joint project by Tbilisi Balneology Resort and Schuchmann Group.

As for Kakheti-based Schuchmann Wine SPA, the facility will host visitors in an ordinary regime, Abramishvili said.

“We offer various packages to the guests, together with recreational procedures. Our services are more attractive now because amid the pandemic we had to stay closed for several months. Consequently, we want to provide diverse opportunities for our customers for their recovery. I mean wine spa procedures”, Abramishvili said.

As known Schuchmann Wine SPA has been designed based on unique wine fragments and exclusive 100% bioproducts made of grapes from Schuchmann vineyards.

Unique procedures will be fulfilled for the wine SPA visitors, such as hot wine procedures, grape stone scrub regenerating procedures, and so on.

Grape stone oil is one of the leading products of Schuchmann Group with unique properties, humid antioxidants against aging, softening oil that makes the skin tender and elastic. ‘