Sparkling Wine Exports Exceed Pre-Pandemic Indicators; Sparkling Wines Exports Markets

Sparkling wine exports from Georgia have exceeded the pre-pandemic indicators.

Kindzmarauli Wine Cellar Wins Golden Cup at International Wine Challenge 2021

Kindzmarauli Wine Cellar products have deserved the highest scores and won the Golden Cup

Experts Paired Georgian Wine with Traditional Japanese Cuisine Washoku in Tokyo

The pairing of Georgian wine with traditional Japanese cuisine "Washoku" was the key theme of the tasting conducted as part of the event "Double World Heritage" in Japan's capital.

Rating of the Largest Wine Companies in Georgia

Exports of wine and spirits from Georgia in 2020 amounted to $ 342.5 million. Wine exports reached $210.3 million, down 5.6% year-on-year, while spirits exports rose 3.8% to $132.2 million.

Whether Global Blockchain Platform Can Replace Traditional Wine Markets

The global wine blockchain platform will replace the traditional wine markets in 10-20 years, Solomone winemaking company co-founder David Chachanidze told Business Partner.

Solomone Wine Produced in Chiatura to Export to US and England This Year

The founder of Solomone, the wine-producing company, Davit Chachanidze declares, that the pandemic has reduced local sales, however, on the international market, sales including France and Germany, had risen by about 5%.

Kindzmarauli Corporation to Launch Hotel Construction in Sighnaghi in 2022

Kindzmarauli Corporation will start building a hotel in Sighnaghi in 2022. As the company director general Nugzar Ksovreli told Business Partner, the designing works have been finished.

Georgia Earned $65 Million in Wine Exports in the First Four Months of 2021

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the rate of Georgian wine exports and its value has increased.

Chiatura Wine Solomone to Export to the US and England This Year

Davit Chachanidze, founder of the wine company Solomone, told notes that the pandemic had reduced the company's local sales, but that sales in the international market, including France and Germany, had risen by about 5%.