Posted: 3 months ago

Otar Shamugia: Wine Export Market Diversification Has Given Positive Results

In response to the challenges in the wine industry, the government offers active communication to the private sector.

"Our task, given the current situation in the region, is to coordinate with the representatives of the wine industry to determine the areas in which the state needs the support of the industry," - said the Minister of Agriculture during a meeting with winemakers.

Otar Shamugia noted that positive results already exist in the direction of diversification of Georgian wine export markets.

"The state has its obligation and responsibility to promote the development of the sector and expand the export area of ​​Georgian products, but the active involvement and role of the private sector, entrepreneurs in this direction is especially important," - said Otar Shamugia.

As the Minister said at the meeting, in the light of the current challenges, it is important to jointly, with the coordinated work of the state and the business sector, protect the interests of all parties involved in the wine industry and do their best to keep the industry afloat.

According to the Ministry, it was decided at the meeting that from next week, the work will continue in the format of working groups, which will discuss ways to overcome current challenges in the field, as well as concrete proposals to promote export market expansion, forms of state support, directions and future plans.