Posted: 2 months ago

Levan Mekhuzla: Our Main Goal is to Promote Diversification of Georgian Wine Markets

Levan Mekhuzla, Chairman of the National Wine Agency, met with representatives of about 70 major wine exporting companies and introduced the goals, requirements, and technical issues related to participation in the new Georgian wine promotion program.

"The main goal of the state program is to promote the diversification of Georgian wine markets. The state is a constant supporter of the private wine sector in the process of maximizing activity in international markets and finding stable partners. To introduce the new program to the representatives of the wine industry, we have already met with about 250 wine companies in various formats. Companies have specific suggestions and opinions regarding the implementation of the program. We are open to active cooperation with the private sector to achieve the goal - to maximize market diversification and increase the rate of Georgian wine exports," - Levan Mekhuzla.

At the end of last year, The Government of Georgia approved the "State Program for the Promotion of Georgian Wine", which aims to promote the increase of Georgian wine awareness and exports to new markets worldwide. 

Under the program, funding will be provided to companies that export to priority markets and countries around the world other than the CIS countries. The marketing expenses incurred by the company should include funds for finding new trading partners in international markets, organizing tastings to enter various types of merchants and increase sales, cooperating with international marketing companies, running media campaigns, advertising products, and other targeted activities.

The program is implemented by the National Wine Agency in coordination with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia.