Tbilisi To Host Startup Grind Europe-Asia Connect

Tbilisi hosts Startup Grind the largest international network of startup founders, with over 600 chapters around the world and a reach of 2 million.

WaveTech Creates Electronic Gloves for Blind People to Become more Socially Active

The digital revolution has not reached everyone in the same way.

Georgian Startup to Reveal the Method of Multiplying Oil-eating Bacterium

BioCure is the new startup founded by Soso Tsabadze and Temo Rukhaia, which is the ecological method of cleaning up pollution and oil spills.

Georgian Startup Launches Production of Medical Textile

Partnership Fund has held a presentation of its new winner project DR. GOODS. The presentation was attended by Partnership Fund executive director David Saganelidze, the Fund representatives, medical sector representatives and the winner project authors.

Startup Express - Tourism Innovation Bootcamp to take Place on September 27-29

Startup Express is a 3-day tourism innovation bootcamp which will take place on board the Tbilisi-Batumi-Tbilisi train and in Chakvi, Adjara, on September 27-29, 2019.

Georgian Youngsters to Create Anti-Occupational Game

With the meaning of the social game "20%", creators protest 20% of Georgian territory occupied by Russia and with the non-traditional way they try, to bring an awareness of 2008 August war.

Georgia’s First Internet Browser Stack Attracts 1 million EUR Investments

Georgia’s first intent browser Stack has been selected by the Austrian-American startup accelerator 360Lab after long and complicated selection process among 936 startups.

Opportunities for Innovative Startups

Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency has named 20 winners as part of its grants program.

Cosmic Dance as a New Embodiment of City's Contemporary Culture

Cosmic Dance is a new brand of clothes, which is a new embodiment of the city’s contemporary culture.