Year of Innovations: Highlights from Georgian Startup Scene 2018

We want to look back at 2018, which was a productive and successful year for the Georgian startup scene in diverse directions. And here’s our list of the top highlights of the year to prove it:

Future of Georgian Fashion – Finding Inspiration in Traditional Features

When looking back grandparents’ photo albums, I always wonder where did this unique fashion go? Why create something new when we already hold such formula?

Color Up Georgia – Maps that Make Your Travel Memories Visible

Scraping maps is a fun and motivating way to mark places you’ve visited on the map. Not so long ago, company ”Color Up Georgia” issued a special edition, where you can track your progress specifically on Georgian site.

Georgian Board Games on International Platform Kickstarter

Georgian board games company The GGM – BOARD GAMES was founded by “Agrarian University” students Mikhail Cholokava, Guram Gelkhauri, and Givi Dolidze.

Leta- Jams Made by Grandmother’s Recipe

Two years ago the new production of ecologically clean and natural jams appeared on the Georgian market.

Amochame Jam of Pepper and Onion

Have you ever heard about jam of pepper and onion? Have you ever thought of making sweets of similar products? Tamar Kinadze, Tina Vashakidze and Ia Dzagania have decided to implement similar project.

Unicorn Ceramics – Traditions Represented in Contemporary Way

The story of Unicorn Ceramics started three years ago when the artist Maia Baratashvili got interested in ceramics. “It was a period when I wanted to temporarily distance myself from the painting.

Planting Vine from Home- Startup

Georgian wine lovers and viticulture followers are able to plant vines from their own homes and select desirable names for them.

Watch of Georgian Students to Measure Air Pollution

BM.GE has contacted Ramaz Javakhishvili, one of the founders of Airadi start-up company, which has won Social Impact Award.