Posted: 2 years ago

Touch Digital Summit Named Winning Startups

Touch Digital Summit - with the focus on the development of technologies and digital industries, Creativity and Design, Entrepreneurship and Data Science, awarded rising startups. 

One part of #Touch2019 was dedicated to startups and entrepreneurship: there was a Startup Expo where the teams from Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine demonstrated their innovations, and awarded Top-3 startups after 2 days of hard selection at the pitching competition and gave extra prizes.

TOP-3 startups of Touch 2019:
1 place: Optio.Ai (Georgia) -

Optio.Ai is on a mission to move the global banking system into the 21st century through smart applications of artificial intelligence and data analytics.

2 place: LiveCaller (Georgia)

LiveCaller is a cloud-based customer communication software that allows companies to directly communicate with web visitors via web call.

3 place (also, the Best Pitch nomination): Dear Wine (Armenia)

Dear Wine is an online platform which gives you an opportunity to buy wines, get tips and recommendations, and most important learn and share stories.

Prizes from partners:
BannerBoo (Ukraine) won a spot in the Startup Wise Guys Online Pre-Accelerator!
Breedge 🇦🇲 will get some cool merch and mentoring from The Next Web!

Many thanks to all our Prize partners and jury members who helped us to select the top teams:
- Marite Aleksandra Silava, Swedbank (Latvia) 
- Daniel Hastik, Nextech Ventures (Czech Republic) 
- Pascal Condamine, IndieGoGo (France)
- Sebastien Toupy, The Next Web (Netherlands) 
- Egita Polanska, Startup Wise Guys (Latvia) 
- Abdulrahman Al Qahtani, DAAL (Saudi Arabia) 
- Gunce Onur, StartersHub (Turkey) 

Before and during the event, Touch tried to help and prepare the founders for pitching to the investors and growing their business:

- webinar about presentation preparation and pitching;
- Stories department - side event in frames of Touch for public speaking training in a fun way, by Tbilisi Startup Bureau;
- 1-to-1 matchmaking for founders to talk personally with Touch speakers during the Summit.

 Startup Camp organized by Touch is waiting for you in August 2020