Posted: 4 years ago

Georgian Applciation KOLO to take Your Care, Wash and Bring it Back

Georgian application KOLO allows its users to book the service via the application, that will wash your car. 

“The idea for the project was originally based on personal needs. There were many occasions when we had to attend business meetings or informal gatherings where, to put it another way, the dirty appearance of a car was unethical.

Once I had to attend a friend's wedding, and in order to have a clean car, I had to go to a car wash at 1 am to avoid ques and lines. You might agree that neither this option is comfortable. Especially now when KOLO already exists. As in many European cities you won't see dirty cars, so we want Tbilisi to be a city of clean cars, ”said Mikheil Nemsitsveridze at Marketer, co-founder and director of Startup Idea. 

KOLO is a mobile application that makes car washing very easy and comfortable. You only need to click a button to get a full washing service for any type of car. Besides, we have additional services such as tire blackening, wax coating, interior treatment,etc. 

Users of the KOLO mobile save time and energy and continue their usual work, recreation or fun. Our professional wallet goes to a user, brings the car to a pre-selected partner company and returns it back in perfect order.