Posted: 2 years ago

Startupers at Startup Expo – Opportunities for Beginner Businesses

On December 14-15, the third Startup Expo will be held at the Expo Georgia exhibition hall to introduce new opportunities to beginner businesses.

Mariam Shevardenidze and Salome Shamugia, the Startup Market project managers, have talked about these issues on Business Partner.

The Startup Market is a platform of movable events that was held for the first time in 2016 This turned out very well. The key mission of this platform is to promote startupers, promote a presentation and sales of products, Salome Shamugia noted.

“The 2019 Startup Market is different in both visual concept and its core nature. Moreover, many more businesspersons are taking part in the event compared to previous years. The statistics also proves that the number of startups grows year on year in our market. Only nine companies were represented in 2016, and this year the figure has increased to 120”, Shamugia noted. The products of 11 various categories have been represented at Startup Market, including interesting products from different technological fields, she said.

Salome Shevardenidze, one of the managers of the project, explains that initially, accessories emerged as the most sought-after products. The demand gradually increased for furniture, house decorations, garments, footwear, innovations, technologies, art. This year, the organizers expect about 10,000 visitors to attend Startup Export in 2019. As for the cognitive-entertainment space, many interesting projects will be arranged, she said.

In response to the question of what barriers frustrate the development, Salome Shevardenidze noted that one of the key challenges comes from limited financial resources.