Posted: 2 years ago

My Freelance - A New Georgian Startup

My Freelance is a new startup created by Georgians.

"My Freelance is a platform, which aims to connect local freelancers with the companies, which they are seeking for. We are helping freelancers on a Georgian market to simplify communication with different types of companies. We provide companies with different services: branding, social media management, graphic design, UI/UX design, creating a webpage, SEO optimization, and CRM RED LAB, which is created by us and implies management of Customer relationship." stated co-founder of the startup, Giorgi Londaridze.

The main motivation for creating My Freelance, was to create the space, were freelancer can do the project wherever he/she wants and feels comfortable. They are seeking for the ones, who are interested in the field. The authenticity of their work is evaluated and attested by My Freelance team. The first step for freelancer is to meet them to build trust since this is the main priority for the platform.

"The main challenge for us is to earn a trust of freelancers. We wish to create the base, where every interested person will be united. Until then, we need to reach them. We are collaborating with different types of company, who are ready to hand over their small or big projects to them. The problem here is linked with the acknowledgment. Freelancer often does now know what is freelancing, how does it work and what kind of duties does it involve. When I was on a meeting with the companies, they were telling me the cases, for example, once, they handed over the project to the web developer, but he/she had vanished and did not finish the project. That is the reason, why earning trust is our main challenge.", noted Giorgi Londaridze.

My Freelance team is working on interesting and innovative projects. Many projects are already finished and are in a testing phase. Despite the fact, that completed communication is hard with freelancers, our team works to simplify the ways and promote career development.