Posted: 4 years ago

Sock with Georgian Ornaments – New Georgian Brand “Mortuli”

New Georgian brand Mortuli has appeared on Georgian market. The company manufactures stocks with unique design. At this stage, the company manufactures socks with only seven various ancient Georgian ornaments. The company plans to add new assortments.

The company sells products only by internet. The product price is 10 GEL. The company uses Megrelian, Svanetian, Tushetian ornaments with yellow, green, black and brown colors.

The company founder and designer Tea Ramishvili says that it took 15 years to integrate he career with art. To this end, she learned graphic design, banking business and established her own business.

The idea of establishing the brand arose during her tour, she told the Business Partner TV Program.

“I love travelling and I have visited almost all corners of Georgia. I have photographed Georgian ornaments and made small drafts. Then I started reading book on old Georgian ornaments. In September 2019, I entered Academy of Arts. I quitted working in a bank and engaged in art.

All ornaments are taken from archives and we create design for each pother. All regions of Georgia have their own characteristic ornaments and we select those ornaments that fit socks, mostly house and façade ornaments. We plan to use these ornaments in other garments too, not only in socks”, Ramishvili said.

The company plans to distribute products in trade outlets too.

“Negotiations are underway with trade outlets to arrange stands. We also plan to introduce our products to the Duty Free, because we believe this will be interesting for foreign citizens. I plan to arrange the stand at Saburtalo Mall.

As for future plans, we plan to introduce T-shirts with the same ornaments in spring and knitted shirts and sweaters with the same ornaments in winter 2020-2021”, Ramishvili said.