Posted: 2 years ago

Honeywater for the First Time in Georgia

For the first time in Georgia, Honeywater producing has begun. The product is available with three various flavors, such as mint, ginger, and lemon in Ska Juice Bar.

Honeywater is prepared by Juice Bar, which is located on Kazbegi Steet 15# and generally is build up with the concept of fruit and health products. As founder, Giorgi Talakhadze noted, Ska Juice Bar already has some loyal users.

"Ska is the first Juice Bar in Georgia. This is presented among the categories of Restaurants or Cafes, which is newness for Georgian citizens. Fresh juices of fruit and vegetables are our main products, but, together with this, we also have innovational newness for Georgian market, for instance, honeywater, which has not been in such a form until now.", says Talakhadze.

Ska Juice Bar also plans to open a branch in Vake in 2020.