Nina's Art Room Starts Creating Christmas Themed Souvenirs

Nina’s Art Room offers customers different styles of jewelry and accessories made of polymer clay, as well as themed and festive souvenirs.

Young Georgian Entrepreneur Davit Khosroshvili Created an Innovative High-Tech Product

The name of the innovative product is Termial. It creates a low-cost, easy-to-use autonomous camera, the main purpose of which is to measure the temperature of people in this or that object.

Kernel - Georgian Fintech Startup Offers Smart Financial Tools Now For Free

Interview with Misho Zguladze, co-founder of Kernel, a Georgian fintech startup.

Application Agronavti Connects Farmers to Clients

The application "Agronavti" is in the top 15 of 500 startups - a digital platform serving the introduction of modern technologies in agriculture.

This Real Estate Affiliate Platform Changes How we Sell and Buy Property in Georgia

Interview with the founder of Leadin, the first real estate affiliate platform, Rati Tserodze. 

Accessoires Brand Barnovi- National Elements and Diverse Directions

Interview with Rusudan Barnovi, founder of accessories brand -Barnovi. 

Spaguletti Ice Cream & Waffles- Business Started to Bring Joy to People

Spaguletti Ice Cream & Waffles is a place to taste flavour of any kind. CBW had an interview with its founders- Sophie Khachaturiani and Lado Janashia. - Georgian Sock Manufacturer Launched Online Store in France

Altersocks, a local sock manufacturer, has launched an online site,, to promote exports to France.

Georgian Jewelry Brand KENE Plans to Open a Showroom

Georgian brand KENE offers customers high quality silver accessories for men and women, the design of which is specially created.