Posted: 1 year ago

EXADEL from Silicon Valley to Cooperate with BTU in Georgia

Silicon Valley-based Exadel Company has entered the Georgian market to cooperate with BTU in the university field.

With 32 companies in the USA, European and Asian countries, Exadel named among the top ten service provider companies will fully finance the first course of training in Georgia. The 6-week course will be held for the top 25 students of BTU starting February 2021. The trained candidates will be employed on international IT projects. Exadel will hold courses in the technology field throughout the year.

The company is specialized in developing software products and ensuring the digital transformation process. We remind you that under the October 8, 2020 resolution, IT companies with international status are welcome to enjoy tax preferences and operate with only 5% profits and income taxes (instead of 20% and 15%).