Posted: 2 years ago

Georgian Sterilizer Blue Light Preparing for Serial Production

The desk sterilizer Blue Light is being prepared for serial production. The product is expected to hit the market in 6 months and cost several hundred dollars.

The winner of the GEL 15,000 small grant program, the startup created a prototype of the device and several dozen models under the grant, which were donated to the Innovation and Technology Agency, Border Police, Customs and other institutions.

"We are working on a series of innovative machines, which means that if it took about 6 hours to assemble the original prototype, a new model would have to be assembled in a maximum of 15 minutes. The principle of sterilization will remain the same. We are focusing on efficiency and speed," said Sandro Okropiridze, the founder of Blue light. 

The effectiveness of the desktop sterilizer has already been proven by laboratory tests and relevant certifications.

"Finally, in December, we received an international standard report for ultraviolet sterilizers from Lugar Laboratory and showed very good results. We are actively working on research and development, expanding the team, adding molecular biologist (Georgian), engineer-designer - optical and medical equipment (Polish) , Another - an expert in the creation and protection of intellectual property (Georgian living in Germany), we are going to patent our final product.

To prepare the machine for mass enterprises, the team is in constant working mode. The study is accompanied by findings, the findings are followed by introduction and then laboratory testing.

We are trying to raise the necessary funds for all this by participating in the GITA co-financing program. We assume that in 6 months our product will be still needed and demanded ", - Okropiridze explains.

The desk sterilizer kills viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms on small items with industrial power, UVC wave germicidal lamp and reflectors mounted on all sides in the shortest time.