Posted: 1 year ago

NeuroDesign - Shortest Access to Customer’s Brain

Georgia’s first digital products development company has appeared on the market. The company is specialized in integrating neuroscience into the designing process.

The company works UX and UI design, branding, software development, and any visual material, including the design of physical products. Vesign’s multidisciplinary team develops products together with psychologists and neuroscientists. The competitive advantage of the company is based on a single-window principle. Both startups and developed companies are able to use the full package. Vesign helps companies to appraise their products as customers thanks to modern neurotechnologies.

To this end, the company uses contemporary neuro devices. In order to receive desirable results, the equipment uses the customer’s experience – the so-called user experience. Then, based on specific guidelines, the company develops a prototype of a product that is tested, and finally, the best version is supplied to the customer. Vesign assists customers in not only instituting a new business but also improving the existing one.

As the Vesign founders told Business Partner, the Georgian market turned out great for the new products and services more than expected. Companies have already expressed interest in Vesign products and services. In the future, the company plans to launch exports of its services to foreign countries. The USA will be the first foreign market, where the Georgian company will sell its services starting summer 2021.