Posted: 1 year ago

Winners of TBC Camp Revealed and Awarded with TBC Shares

The winners of the second stream of TBC and TBC Capital student program - "TBC Camp" are known.

The first place was taken by Sandro Chanturidze, Nina Sandler and Rati Kalandarishvili, students of Caucasus University Business School, and the second place was taken by Saba Amiridze, Giorgi Kvenetadze and Vakhtang Glonti, students of the Free University.

The 2 teams selected by the jury were awarded a special prize - TBC shares.

It is important for TBC to increase the awareness of investment banking among young people within the framework of the project and to promote the education of a new generation in this direction.

TBC Camp was integrated into the curriculum for fourth-year students at 12 universities across Georgia, and volunteers were able to attend.

The students went through different stages of the program during the semester: in the first stage, they attended TBC Capital public lectures. Then, they discussed together business cases related to their assignment. At the last stage, the final investment project was presented to the jury, which consisted of TBC Capital Management. Due to the current situation, all meetings were held online.

"TBC Camp gave us the opportunity to better understand the financial markets, listen to interesting lectures and, most importantly, put the knowledge gained in theory into practice. In addition to finding lots of information about companies, analyzing market trends and investor expectations, this project made is more confident, which is one of the most important facts,'' said Saba Amiridze, a student.

"The project -" TBC Camp "has been held for the second time and it combines such priority areas for TBC as the new generation and education. The aim of the program is to popularize investment banking among young people. Under the project, students gain real-life work experience, become better acquainted with financial markets and investor expectations. The winners of the second stream are a new generation of financiers who, I am sure, will be distinguished and competitive personnel in the future. We are pleased to be partners and supporters of their first steps and success. Due to the results of the program and the interest of the students, the program will definitely continue in the future as well, ”said Meri Chachanidze, Director of TBC Capital.