Optio’s Natural Language Processing Engine Will Power Bank of Georgia’s Virtual Assistant

Optio.Ai and Bank of Georgia have teamed up with the mission to create a virtual assistant that will help the bank’s customers to get faster and more convenient service through BoG’s digital channels.

TBC Subsidiary YELO BANK Closes Pandemic Year in Azerbaijan with Solid Positions

TBC subsidiary Yelo Bank maintains a strong position in the Azerbaijani market.

Sweeft Digital to Cooperate with TESOBE in Open Banking Field

Together with the innovative team of Sweeft Digital and our partners, we will determine the needs of regions

Leading International Edition The Banker Publishes an Article by Koba Gvenetadze

"The timely and courageous measures taken by the National Bank of Georgia have mitigated the impact of the pandemic on the country's economy," The Banker.

Nika Kurdiani is the Nominee of SME Banker of the Year at the SME Banking Awards

Nika Kurdiani, Deputy General Director of TBC, as well as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TBC UZ and Payme, was presented at the SME Banking Awards 2020

Capitalization of Georgian Companies at London Stock Exchange Exceeds $1.56 Billion

The past week brought success to Georgian companies at the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Prices rose on shares of all three companies.

Nika Kurdiani: TBC Team Uses New Opportunities and Overcomes Barriers

TBC Bank has obtained a license for operation in Uzbekistan.

BOG Signs a EUR 25 million Loan Agreement with EIB

Bank of Georgia Group PLC announces that its subsidiary, JSC Bank of Georgia has signed a EUR 25 million loan agreement with European Investment Bank with a maturity of up to seven years.

National Bank’s President: Retail Loans Dollarization Coefficient Accounts for 58%

In his interview for Business Partner’s Four TV program of Georgian Public Broadcaster, Koba Gvenetadze, president of the National Bank of Georgia (NBG), analyzed the Larization program outcomes.