Posted: 2 years ago

TBC Attracts Technology Specialists from All Over the World

For more than a year now, the TBC team has been expanding internationally and attracting talent from different countries in the field of technology.

For continuous connection with technology spaces, TBC has started attracting employees from external markets. This was partly due to the pandemic, as people all over the world have seen that sometimes an office is not necessary to work efficiently, moreover, it does not matter in which country you are behind the screen. "Work Where You Want" - This was TBC's long-term strategic decision in 2020, which further simplified relations between Georgian and foreign employees.

The process started before the pandemic - TBC has had teams in Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Israel for several years, but now the scale has expanded and the company has been joined by technology specialists from ten countries. Among them are Central and Eastern European countries, India, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and others. For its part, Uzbekistan has more than 700 TBC employees involved in the development of digital banking, and 97% of them are local. It is noteworthy that last year The Global Economics named TBC Uzbekistan the best digital bank of the year.

"Technology companies in the world are developing at an unprecedented pace, therefore, we want to introduce the approaches used with them. Our goal is to bring the latest international experience in the field of technology and to be in a continuous mode with the tech world. The Georgian market is small, which is natural, we are a small population, therefore, not many people have access to new technologies and tools, so we started looking for talent abroad. "It also made it easier for us that, in fact, there are no more restrictions and the whole world has shifted to remote work because of the pandemic," said Nika Mamulashvili, TBC's technological transformation leader.

TBC's foreign team members have practically all technological directions. These are software developers or architects, business analysts or testing automation engineers who, according to Nika, add a lot of experience and knowledge to the company.