Posted: 3 weeks ago

Turkish Isbank is Increasing Investments in Georgia

Turkish Isbank is increasing investments in Georgia. According to the commercial director of the bank, Ucha Saralidze, human capital is also growing. Isbank needs a team Strengthening to develop digital channels.

According to the commercial director of the bank Ucha Saralidze, the crisis in Turkey was not even slightly reflected in the subsidiary bank. Because the portfolio is diversified with clients tied to Turkish business, the bank has many local customers. At the same time, he said, high inflation in Turkey will be transmitted to the economy, but less to the banking sector. Consequently, neither is the subsidiary bank in the Georgian market and especially the customer through the bank.

According to Saralidze, the desire of the parent bank is connected with the expansion of activities in Georgia and the increase of the bank's profitability. With a 4-month report, the return on equity (ROE) is 19.35% and Isbank is ranked 4th among the largest banks and has the highest interest rate (ROA) of 4.82%.