Currency Conversion at ATMs – Liberty’s Cash-in ATMs Introduce Innovative Service

Cash-In ATM enables Liberty Bank’s clients to use both standardized ATM functional, place money onto their accounts any time, and convert the currency of around GEL 30,000 24/7.

Global Finance Names TBC Bank as the Best Private Bank in Georgia 2021

TBC Bank has been named the Best Private Bank in Georgia 2021 by Global Finance.

Joint Project by Liberty #withheart and Lingwing

On October 21, Liberty Bank and Lingwing, the first Georgian platform for teaching foreign languages, signed a memorandum on cooperation, under which Liberty Bank will finance English language courses for 500 enrollees.

National Bank’s President about 3 Key Challenges in Financial Sector amid COVID Pandemic

Koba Gvenetadze, president of the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) has participated in the online meeting of managers of central banks of Near East and Central Asia

Irakli Elashvili to Lead the Management Team of FINCA Bank

Irakli Elashvili will lead the management team of FINCA Bank.

Commercial Banks Finished August in Net Profits of GEL 96.363 million

Commercial banks have finished the month of August in net profits of GEL 96.363 million, up GEL 32.870 million compared to July 2020 (GEL 63.493 million).

Basisbank made a Profit of GEL 5 Million in August

Basisbank posted a profit of GEL 5 million in August and halved its loss of GEL 10.9 million in January-July.

TBC Makes it Easier for Businesses to Manage Invoices

To support businesses, TBC is offering a new invoicing service that greatly simplifies the routine that companies have to perform on a daily basis.

Georgian Commercial Banks Bear Losses – 1H20 Rating

Consolidated losses of Georgia-based commercial banks in the first half of 2020 marked GEL 486 million, the financial report submitted by commercial banks to the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) reads.