Posted: 1 year ago

Global Finance Named Bank of Georgia the Best Digital Bank in Central and Eastern Europe

Global Finance has identified the best digital banks around the world. The Bank of Georgia was named as the bank providing the best digital offer in Central and Eastern Europe. One of the main criteria for awarding the award was the best deposit, card and investment digital products and services offered by the bank.

The best digital banks were selected by the editors of Global Finance, world-class jury members from Infosys, the world leader in technology and outsourcing.

"We are pleased that Global Finance has recognized us as one of the world's best digital banks as a provider of the best digital offering, deposit, card, investment products, and services in Central and Eastern Europe. It's all thanks to the customer who recommends us and motivates us not to stop. Also, every employee who listens to the customer's voice and works tirelessly to offer a product or service tailored to his interests and needs has a great contribution to all of this," said Giorgi Vakhtangishvili, Deputy Director of the Digital Banking Services Department of the Bank of Georgia.

For information, the winning banks were selected based on the following criteria: strength of customer acquisition and digital experience strategy, attractive digital offers, growth of digital customers, a wide variety of product offerings, tangible customer results from digital initiatives, convenient functionality and design of the website and mobile applications. The winning banks were selected from Africa, Asia Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, North America and Western Europe.