Mariam Kvrivishvili about Requirements for Tourists from Iran and India

Mariam Kvrivishvili, head of of National Tourism Administration, answers questions of private sector representatives who talk about problems that tourists from Iran and India face when entering Georgia.

Branches of Terabank to be Presented as Tourism Centres for the Summer

For this year Terabank provides local and foreigner tourists the campaign, which aims to promote traveling across Georgia, since Georgian tourism is the major issue nowadays.

Revenue from International Trips in 6 month Reached USD 1.5 Billion

The revenue from international trips in the first 6 months of the year reached USD 1.5 billion which is an increase by 7%.

Meet Georgia Presstour to be Held in Khevsureti and Khevi

The Presstour was organized by the National Tourism Administration

Tourism to Slow But Remain Positive Over the Next 12 Months

Global growth projections have weakened and major central banks turned more dovish. At the same time, the USD stepped back and the appetite towards emerging markets increased.

Japanese Journalists to be Introduced with Georgian Tourism Potential

Georgia was visited both by the press journalists and leading Japanese television company TBS Nationwide Network crew.

On Larsi Border Tourists to be Gifted with Georgian Wine

National Administration of Tourism will gift tourists with branded Georgian wine.

Lonely Planet Lists Reasons Why Visit Georgia

Straddling Europe and Asia, and cradled between the greater and lesser Caucasus ranges, Georgia’s rich culture and diverse landscapes belie its modest size.

Georgia on Their Minds on Euronews

Television network Euronews's Focus has made a reporting about Batumi.