Posted: 4 years ago

Waterskiing Sport Returns to Poti – Georgian Wake Park Opens at Golden Lake

Waterskiing development is underway on the territory of Golden Lake in Maltakva, Poti. Two weeks ago, previous function was returned to this lake and Georgian Wake Park was opened.

Georgian waterskiing sport counts several years. In 1991 Georgia hosted European Championship in waterskiing in Maltakva. .

“In 1991 my grandfather Roman Melia and his friend Guram Dolbaia were the first who started developing waterskiing sport in Georgia. In that year for the first time in independent Georgia, the Golden Lake hosted European Championship with the participation of 23 countries. The tournament was covered by BBC, CNN, Euronews, Eurosport and other foreign media agencies. The whole world learned about Georgia in that period. After tensions, all activities were suspended. After many years I engaged in waterskiing sport Federation and I had tried to get financial support for 4 years”, WakePark founder Rati Melia told the Commersant.

Recently a Georgian from Fereydani appeared who holds 2 wake parks in Iran.

“With his support we installed and built all required structures for Maltakva Wake Park”, he said.

Total amount of investments makes up 45 000 USD. The waterskiing track makes up 200 meters. The price of 5-minute skiing is 10 GEL, 10-minute – 15 GEL, 1-hour – 70 GEL. Café-bar will be arranged behind the park, Rati Melia said.

„Waterskiing sports is widespread trend all over the Georgia and it is a different niche for tourists and it mainly attracts well-off people. The park arrangement works started 17 days ago and the complex is being developed”.

Five various ski jumps have been installed on the territory of Maltakva. “It is much pleasure to ski and just watch”, Rati Melia said.

In the near future, a café-bar will be arranged behind the wake park and camping zone will be also developed.