Spreading Love for Yoga with Hamo - Georgian Clothing Brand

Hamo is a newly founded startup, which is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. CBW had an interview with its founder, Mariam Tavberidze.

TTM Wins GITA’s Grant of GEL 250,000

TTM startup has won a grant of GEL 250,000 as part of the GITA’s grant program of GEL 650,000.

Pin Your Personality - Wooden Accessories Brand Riria

Riria is a startup inspired by art and a love for accessories. CBW had an interview with its founder, Lika Kakalashvili.

Startup Stack Takes Top Prize for Finals of Entrepreneurship World Cup Georgia

STARTUP Stack, which is a  tab-less internet browser for productivity and collaboration captured first prize at the national finals of the Entrepreneurship World Cup competition held recently in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Land, Fire, Water, Air - Georgian Ceramics of Davrish Made with Japanese Technology 

There’s the magic behind the ceramic works of Davrish, each item is unique and made with different technologies. The works use both traditional Georgian and modern elements.

Nostalgia as an Inspiration - Women's Clothing Brand Benini

Benini is a newly founded brand, oriented on women's clothes. It creates free, everyday style clothes, as well as classic ones with modern and fashionable details.

National Treasure in the Design of Kokorina’s Temporary Tattoos

Kokorina is Georgian impressions reflected in the design of temporary tattoos, which you can wear it as an accessory.

Koala Woods- Tables That Bring Us Close to The Nature

''Our idea was to create something natural, minimalist and comfortable. The main goal was to create a product that was new to the Georgian market, thus making our customers happy with little details and bring coziness to their spaces,''

Emocia Wines - Jewelry Made of Wine Stones

Emocia Wines is a startup founded during a pandemic, which creates handmade accessories, associated with wine and grapes.