Posted: 1 year ago

500 Georgia Startup 'Intrro' Raised $ 2.2 Million Investment

Referral Recruitment Platform - Intrro, closed the early stage investment round with $ 2.2 million raised. The startup received this investment from funds such as: Berlin - Signals VC, New York - DataFrame Ventures and San Francisco - Tribe Capital.

Intrro participated in the 500 Startups Acceleration Program in Georgia last year, when the startup was still in its early stages, which turned out to be the development opportunity for the founders.

Intrro, founded in 2020 by Nasser Oudjidane and Neil Jay Shah, is an international startup with a B2B model that connects qualified, job-seeking personnel to fast-growing companies through a modern referral system. The whole charm of the referral approach is that the company rewards its employees for bringing in the appropriate specialist in the vacancies.

This platform is a kind of "Job Tinder", which offers the company's employees to participate in the process of hiring new staff. Each employee is given the opportunity to recommend the candidate and confirm his or her value alignment with the company culture. The employer is also satisfied with this, as he knows that the candidate is not just a stranger hired from the Internet, but his qualifications are confirmed by a person trusted by a company. 
It was this innovative approach that prompted the Berliner investor from Signal Venture Capital to contribute to the development of Intrro.
"Intrro solves a critical problem for companies by offering a systematic approach to referral programs. Finding talent is just one of the many benefits of using this platform. Every business function that has to do with the outside world can be improved by utilizing employee network data. We are proud to support the Intrro team in fully unlocking their startup potential, ”said Christian Wenger, Managing Partner at Signal Venture Capiral.

As the representatives of the startup explain, the attracted investment will be spent on the growth of the company, the improvement of products, the expansion of databases and the engineering team.