Posted: 1 week ago

Technology Startup Based on AI 'Kvalifika' Received a GEL 650,000 Grant from GITA

Within the framework of the grant program of the Georgian Agency for Innovation and Technology, Startup Kvalifika has won GEL 650,000, which is a technology startup based on artificial intelligence and offers businesses self-service of customer identification and verification.

If before the customer needed to visit the organization to verify his or her identity, now it can be done in 2 minutes, from anywhere, via smartphone or computer. There are many companies in the internet banking, insurance and other leading industries that need similar services. The company now serves more than 20 organizations and is the largest service provider in the region. The advantage of qualifications lies in the simplicity of the product - the service can be used even without integration, which significantly saves the development resource.

Startup Kvalifika named the main goal at this stage to increase the global market. The 50 650,000 grant from the Agency for Innovation and Technology will be spent on further product development and active growth in the region and the global market.

Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency launched a GEL 650,000 grant program with financial support from the World Bank on May 22, 2019. The goal of the program is to stimulate innovation, the creation of innovative enterprises and their involvement in the country's economy. Through the program, Georgian micro, small and medium enterprises, which have the potential to develop their own innovation and present to the world, will position the innovative product in the global market. The program funds a product with global potential - technological or business process innovation, which will be clearly associated with Georgia.