Unemployment Rate Decreased by 11.1% in Georgia

In the III quarter of 2019 year the unemployment rate in Georgia decreased by 1.1 percentage points compared to the corresponding period of the previous year and equaled 11.1 percent.

Single Window Principle Service to Be Introduced at Georgian Ports

In 2019-2020, in order to further develop Georgia’s transit potential, a single window service will be introduced at Georgian ports.

Georgia Plans to Establish New Airline - Aero Georgia with European Capital

Aero Georgia Group, an airline company that has just appeared on the market, plans to establish an airline.

Agronet Set to Build Walnut Processing Plants in Georgia

Company "Agronet" plans to build two walnut processing plants in Georgia- Kakheti and Marneuli. Investment volume reaches 2 million EUR. The construction will continue for two years. 

Parliament to Determine Minimum Salary by Law

“The introduction of a minimum salary will improve the condition of at least 229,000 employees”, Independent MP Beka Natsvlishvili noted. It is necessary that the legislation determine a minimum salary that will cover the cost of living, he added. 

Georgia and South Korea to Sign Air Traffic Agreement

Georgia will sign an agreement on regular air communication with the Republic of Korea.

Pkhakadze on Planned Changes in Labor Code: This Will Increase Unemployment and Reduce Salary

Georgian Business Association President, Soso Pkhakadze declared, that adopting the changes in Labor Code, which is lead by Dimitri Tskitishvili, will impede the economic development of the country. 

United Water Supply Company to Arrange Water Supply System in Kidiskuri and Sakadagiano Villages

United Water Supply Company of Georgia plans to rehabilitate the water supply system in the villages of Khidiskuri and Sakadagiano, Kaspi Municipality.

Growing Prices and Government’s Macroeconomic Policy

GEL depreciation has provoked a growth in prices. The inflation has hit its maximum rate since June 2017.