Posted: 2 weeks ago

Spanish and Iranian Investors Interested in Investing in Lanchkhuti

Lanchkhuti has piqued the interest of Spanish and Iranian investors. There is interest in the processing industry, according to Lanchkhuti Municipality Mayor Aleksandre Sarishvili.

As Sarishvili explains, the locals also want to invest in the fish processing sector, however, nothing has been finally decided at this stage.

"Work has started on arranging a fish farm in Kvavlnari. The company is working on the project, which already has several pools, from which it plans to export fish (Norwegian salmon) abroad.

Negotiations are underway with one of the companies that have submitted an application to the Ministry of Economy regarding the transfer of the land. This company also plans to breed one of the fish species in Lanchkhuti, ”said Sarishvili.