Posted: 1 month ago

Produce in Georgia Won World Award for Export Support

"Produce in Georgia" was named the best agency in terms of export promotion and support and was awarded the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations Joint Agency - International Trade Center (ITC) WTPO Awards.

Mikheil Khidureli, the director of the agency "Produce in Georgia" made this statement in Ghana, after the large-scale international award ceremony at the WTPO Awards.

The WTPO Awards International Award are given to organizations that help companies grow their export potential, introduce innovative export-oriented methods, and implement effective initiatives.

"This recognition once again proves how effective state programs are in our country. Georgia's name has been re-established worldwide as a country where local businesses, including micro, small and medium enterprises, are successfully developing with the support of state programs," said Mikheil Khidureli.

According to him, the development of exports and the introduction of effective initiatives in this direction play an important role in the agency. "Produce in Georgia" actively assists local entrepreneurs in the field of export and expands the area of their support programs from year to year.

According to Mikheil Khidureli, the agency has recently launched a large-scale export promotion program, which will help diversify markets, enter new markets and get Georgian products into international networks.

It is noteworthy that Mikheil Khidurelia, director of the agency "Produce in Georgia", is a member of the jury of this year's WTPO Awards, as a representative of one of the winning organizations.

The WTPO Awards are held every two years and are attended by representatives from more than 70 countries.