Factors that Determine Unequal Incomes in Georgia - Response by EBRD’s Chief Economist

Frequently, the gender or residential place of a specific person preconditions low and unequal incomes, EBRD’s chief economist Sergei Guriev told the Forbes Week.

Electricity in Figures – Georgia and the World

An annual 15 billion tons of fuel are spent on electricity generation across the world. The total power of all electricity stations worldwide exceeds 2.067 trillion watts, and the hourly rate of generation is 18138.3 trillion watts.

FAO and EU Shared Best Practices of Vegetable Production with Georgian Farmers

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) held a presentation of the eggplant demonstration plot in Lagodekhi, Georgia, under the ENPARD program of the European Union.

Istanbul Airport Served 10 Million Passengers in 57 Days

Passenger flow at Istanbul's new airport has already exceeded 10 million. Accordingly, the airport surprised its 10th millionth passenger.

Giorgi Chogovadze: We are Working that Korean Air Launch Regular Flights to Georgia

South Korea’s major airline Korean Air has resumed charter flights from Seoul to Tbilisi. A special welcome ceremony was held in relation to the first flight at Tbilisi International Airport.

International Caspian Energy Forum Tbilisi To Focus on the Development of the Azerbaijan-Georgia relations in Energy and Economy

The 8th International Caspian Energy Forum Tbilisi – 2019, scheduled for June 21, will focus on the development of the Azerbaijan-Georgia relations in the field of economy and energy.

Mamuka Bakhtadze: Kakheti has Potential to Enable All Local Residents Feel Economic Progress in their Own Homes

Kakheti has the potential to enable all local residents feel economic progress in their own homes, Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze stated in his speech at the International Investment Forum Kakheti 2019.

Natia Turnava: We urge the Anaklia Development Consortium to be Focused on Fulfillment of Obligations in Order to start Construction timely

The government has repeatedly stressed that Anaklia port is a strategic object, – said Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turnava.

Economy Minister: Prior Permission for Poti Deepwater Seaport Construction Annulled

Minister of Economy of Georgia Natia Turnava has released her first comments on the prior permission issued for Poti deepwater seaport construction.