Posted: 3 months ago

Japanese Cafe Fumfula Expands in Tbilisi Amid Rising Popularity of Asian Cuisine

The Japanese cafe Fumfula is expanding its presence in Tbilisi, opening a new branch to cater to the growing demand for Asian cuisine in the Georgian market. According to Davit Janelidze, co-founder of Fumfula, the competitive landscape of Asian cuisine in Georgia spurred the decision to establish a new venue beyond their original location at the Orbeliani market, known for its Japanese pancakes.

The new branch in Tbilisi offers a wider variety of Japanese confectionery items, including fancakes with flavors such as raspberry, strawberry, various berries, chocolate, matcha, tangerine, tiramisu, and caramel. Additionally, the cafe features a coffee bar serving Japanese soft drinks and a selection of unique cocktails. Janelidze revealed plans to introduce fancake ice cream and Babolti, a tea-like drink, responding to increasing market demand.

The expansion was supported by a 200,000 GEL credit line from TBC Bank, with a loan guarantee component from the "Produce in Georgia" agency. The total investment in the new food facilities amounts to 150,000 GEL, complemented by $20,000 in business capital.

Janelidze noted that the remaining funds would be utilized for further business development, including enhancing the menu's diversity. The new branch not only aims to popularize traditional Japanese dishes but also presents them in visually appealing and innovative forms that resonate with customers emotionally.

With a significant tourist clientele, which constituted 30% at Fumfula's first facility, similar expectations are set for the new location. The cafe's co-founder anticipates a 50% increase in demand this year compared to the previous one, especially during the summer when tourist activity peaks.

Fumfula's first establishment opened last summer in Bazaar Orbeliani, spanning 15 square meters. The new branch is situated at 81 Abashidze Street in Vake, covering 90 square meters, significantly expanding their capacity to serve both locals and tourists alike.