Ilia Gepheridze on Challenges Gepherrini Faced in 2021

Ilia Gepheridze, Founder of Gepherrini, spoke with CBW about the year 2021 and their plans for the future year. Gepherrini is a Georgian brand that makes handbags, shoes, wallets, and other accessories.

Real Estate Market Review: FIABCI-Georgia

Lika Kardava President of FIABCI-Georgia, Managing partner of and Kate Tabatadze - CEO and former President of FIABCI Georgia; Managing partner of review the year 2021 in the Real Estate market. 

Year in Review: Music - Interview with Jaba Shavishvili

CBW had an interview with the founder of Bloom Music, Jaba Shavishvili, who discussed the matters of the year 2021's Georgian music scene, its highlights, and challenges. 

Village Vines Doubled Wine Exports and Made Long-Term Partners in the US: Year in Review

We had a conversation with Ninutsa Mirotadze, Co-founder of Village Vines to review previous year.

Overview and Forecast of Georgia's Economy for 2021 by David Gondauri

David Gondauri, Doctor of Business Administration, Professor at the University of Business and Technology shares an Overview and forecast of Georgia's economy for 2021.

Sambrela Taking Gaming to a Higher Level: Year in Review

Sambrela is a fast-growing game development and entertaining company founded in 2019. As we learned, the company had an eventful year, so we talked to the representative to wrap up the year.

Georgian Travel Guide on Domestic Tourism and Supporting Local Businesses

Since pandemic affected tourism the most, we had a conversation with Georgian Travel Guide co-founders to see how was their year and how people adjusted to the new reality.

Georgian Innovative Startups of 2021

Companies are constantly adopting, innovating, and moving forward despite the global pandemic. Here are CBW’s picks for 10 innovative Georgian startups to watch out for in 2021.

Year in Review with Impact Hub’s Co-Founder: Record Numbers and Innovative Startups

 It’s been five years since Impact Hub Tbilisi hosts events that significantly increase the interest in entrepreneurship.