Posted: 6 months ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Sambrela Taking Gaming to a Higher Level: Year in Review

Sambrela is a fast-growing game development and entertaining company founded in 2019. As we learned, the company had an eventful year, so we talked to the representative to wrap up the year: 

''We had lots of news in 2021. We have added new members to our team and plan to grow in the future. The games we create are trendy around the world, which is the biggest motivation for us to keep up the pace. The company is constantly ready for innovations and new projects.

Sambrela is proud of the fact that we have contributed to the development of mobile games and to taking this field to a higher level in Georgia. Also, we do not forget about social responsibility - we create educational applications; We are involved in projects of organizations such as UN Woman Georgia; We create jobs.

The company is moving in the direction of Gamify- we continue to work on NFT games. We have refined skill-based games and believe that we get quite interesting products as a result,''said the representative of Sambrela. 

The company has bigger plans for 2022. They aim to release even more new games and expand the geographical area. In 2022 we should expect a lot of announcements from the company Sambrela.