Posted: 6 months ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Village Vines Doubled Wine Exports and Made Long-Term Partners in the US: Year in Review

Village Vines buys wines from small vineyards throughout Georgia and exports them to the United States. The company's main goal in 2021 was to expand its supply chain and make long partners in the United States. We had a conversation with Ninutsa Mirotadze, Co-founder of Village Vines to review previous year.

''The Year 2021 was a big challenge for Village Vines LLC. Our company's first-year goal was to build the supply chain and make long-term partners in The US- distributors, and retailers to place Georgian wines in different retail accounts in at least two states - MD and DE.

We managed to reach this goal. Village Vines doubled the number of wines exported the previous year and made partners in MD, DE, DC, NJ, NY, VA, and PA.

We had very successful Tastings and Presentation Events for Georgian wines in several restaurants and boutique wine shops.

Our portfolio now contains 12 wineries whose wines we already placed on the US market and we continuously work with new accounts to place more orders.

We also had several interesting offers and we are finalizing the negotiations with the importers from China, Hong Kong,'' said Ninutsa Mirotadze at CBW. 

Village Vines' goals for next year are to expand their portfolio with other Georgian products like tea, chocolates, jewelry, etc. as well as with wines; double the number of sales and work with more retailers in The US.