Sisa Tura - Ethno-village From Samegrelo

In 11 Kilometres from Zugdidi, on Mestia road, on the territory the village Chkhoria, tourists are attracted to ethnographic space - "Sisa Tura", which involves more than 3 hectares of territory.

Direct Charter Flights in the Directions of Bangkok-Tbilisi-Bangkok

Thailand air company, Thai AirAsia X starts to launch direct charter flights from Bangkok to Tbilisi.

Arranging Ski Resort is Planned in Racha

A new ski resort may be arranged in Racha, Ambrolauri municipality.

Turkey is the Most Popular Destination among Georgians

In the third quarter of 2019, most of the resident travelers' visits were made from Georgia to Turkey and Azerbaijan, respectively, with 350.5 thousand and 122.2 thousand. Geostat publishes this information.

Welcome to Georgia! The Fifth Anniversary of the National Tourism Awards

The event will host up to 700 guests, including government officials, the business sector and international and local media.

New Tourism Attraction to be Implemented in Adjara - Tchvani's Valley

Skylodges for extremists, festival space, path for tourists, shelters and entertaining attractions in nature - these are in the shortlist of infrastructure projects, which are planned to be implemented in Adjara, Tchvani's Valley. 

Georgian Application Biliki - Interactive Travel Guide with full Itinerary

Georgian application ''Biliki''guides its users to hiking, off-road, eco-tours, city touts, shopping, cultural sightseeing, religious places, etc. 

Mariam Kvrivishvili: This Summer as Full of Challenges

This was the sharpest challenge and this challenge arose in one day bringing an abolition of 10-15 direct flights a day.

Number of Tourists Exceed 8 Million within 10 Months

According to the National Tourism Administration, as of October 2019, 782 670 international travelers visited Georgia, the figure is 8.8% up y-o-y.