Posted: 3 years ago

Budget for Mestia Municipality Reached GEL 11.3 Million for Current Year

The current year budget of Mestia municipality is 11 million 230 thousand GEL, which is more than 2 million GEL compared to 2019 (9 million 238.8 thousand GEL).

According to Kakha Zhorzholiani, the Mayor of Mestia, infrastructure projects are the main priority.

"We want to renovate the sports school in Mestia, which costs about 6 million GEL and we have already mobilized 2 million 600 thousand for the first phase.

Also, we are thinking about purchasing a project for about a million GEL for water and sewerage systems in the villages. This is a top priority as we need to meet the growing tourism needs. After that, we plan to pave the road in several villages.

In addition, we are planning to build two new schools from the Municipal Development Fund in Chuberi, as well as five kindergartens in different villages, and carry out capital construction ", - explained Mestia Municipality Mayor.