Posted: 4 years ago

Science Museum about the Universe - SPHERO Opened in Tbilisi

SPHERO is a domed screen that tells you about the universe with 360-degree audio-visual representations.

the same museum about the universe will be placed in different cities around Georgia, and as its creators say, as many people as possible will have access to 21st-century knowledge.

According to them, the visitor, in a comfortable environment, expects a spectacle that revives the imagination and knowledge of the modern man.

"It's a way of fun, and at the same time, a cognition that is immersive - completely embracing the space and making the viewer part of the spectacular images. Sphero space is intended for viewers of all ages. It's a fun, educational and exciting sight for adults and kids. "

The viewer can easily understand information about modern science and technology, naturally in the synthesis of art. The Museum of the Universe has been in operation since today. The first domed screen is already placed in Saburtalo [P. Kavtaradze # 1, City Mall porch]. Since February, other locations will be added to the museum.