Geode Introduces Georgian Handmade Shoes to the USA

The popularity of locally-made handmade shoes in Georgia is on the rise, with a 30% increase in sales compared to the previous year.

Startup Grind Tbilisi holds Another Meeting Tomorrow

On February 9, Startup Grind Tbilisi returns with another event for those who want to learn more about advantages and difficulties of running a startup.

Georgian-British Startup Artisio has Secured £250,000 in Funding

Recently, it became known that the Georgian-British startup Artisio received £250,000 in pre-seed funding from the British venture capital firm Jenson Funding Partners.

Bank of Georgia Revealed the Winner of Data Challenge

The Bank of Georgia actively continues to support modern technological innovations and create new opportunities in Georgia.

CNICK to Introduce Smart Rings Made with Precious Metals

The Cnick company is working on a new model of "smart ring", which will go on sale in about a month. The innovative model will be made of silver and gold.

Praktika Presented an  AI-Based English Learning Platform

Praktika, an artificial intelligence-based English learning platform that plans to introduce innovative methods in the language learning process, was presented to investors and viewers.

BTU Revealed The Winners of Student Hackathon - Unleashing the Power of Gpt-3 

OpenAI's ChatGPT has generated a lot of feedback over the past few months. The chatbot, launched on November 30, 2022, can write blogs, create scientific papers, programs, and more.

Quickshipper: We are Growing Fast and Adding Ten New Customers a Week

"We are growing fast and adding ten new customers per week," said the founder of the Georgian technology startup Quickshipper, who presented themselves to investors and viewers at the 500Georgia Demo Day today.

Startup Gotcha Created Technology to Analyze Micro-Emotions

Gotcha is a startup that uses behavioral science research and facial expression analysis to recognize human micro-emotions.