Posted: 11 months ago

Winners of "Innovation Grants up to GEL 25,000" in Guria Region Announced

The Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency has announced the winners of the "Innovation Grants up to GEL 25,000 for the Regions" program in the Guria region.

The grant program aims to promote the strengthening of the local, innovative and technological ecosystem in the regions of Georgia by creating innovative and technological startups through the development, utilization, and commercialization of innovative products, services, technologies, and processes.

The program is implemented in all regions of Georgia, with the first stage including applications from Adjara, Imereti, and Guria. The selected startups underwent training sessions, including market research, go-to-market strategy, scaling, and "fiching". The startups then presented their projects to a commission comprising invited experts of the relevant profile.

The winners of the grant program in the Guria region are GELA, which aims to create an online platform connecting farmers and consumers to sell their products without intermediaries, and an online clothing store that will allow users to customize clothes online. The grant amount awarded to each winner should not exceed GEL 25,000.

Individuals, business entities, and startups registered and/or operating in the target regions are eligible to receive the grant. In the case of a natural person winning the grant, they are obliged to register the entrepreneurial entity in the relevant region before signing the grant agreement.

The "Innovation Grants up to GEL 25,000" program is a positive development for the local economy and technology sector. The promotion of innovative and technological startups in the regions of Georgia will create new job opportunities and increase economic activity. The program is part of a broader effort to build a sustainable and thriving startup ecosystem in Georgia, which will drive growth, innovation, and prosperity in the country.