Georgian Company Brandergate Introduces AI-Powered Platform in the USA

Georgian company Brandergate plans to launch in the USA with its unique AI-based branding platform.

Kirke - Georgian Cosmetics Brand Gaining Popularity Among Foreign Tourists

The Georgian company "Kirke" has been producing handmade soaps and cosmetics since 2020, offering a variety of products without a base.

Miscusi Moved to a New Enterprise - Increasing Production 3 Times

With modern equipment and a new enterprise, "Miskusi" can now produce three times the amount of colorful, eco-friendly rollers to meet the growing global and local demand.

BTU Introduces Innovative Educational Products Created by AI

The integration of AI solutions in the educational and research processes at the University of Business and Technology (BTU) is a significant step towards maximizing the potential of artificial intelligence.

ADB Reports on Georgia's Developing Ecosystem for Technology Startups

The report by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) acknowledges that Georgia's technology startup ecosystem is starting to develop but still needs to grow and adapt.

Georgian Startup Ecosystem Threatened by "Registration of Foreign Agents" Law

Georgia's Democratic Values and Economic Development at Risk with the "Registration of Foreign Agents" Law, says Guri Koyava of Startup Bureau.

Discover the Inspiring Startups Created by Women Entrepreneurs in Georgia

This article highlights the innovative and inspiring startups in Georgia that are led by women entrepreneurs, driving growth and creating new opportunities in a variety of industries.

Maroma Collection's Handmade Bags to be Sold in Paris

Maroma Collection, a Georgian brand offering vibrant clothing and accessories, announces its expansion into Galeries Lafayette in France and other international markets.

Frani Presented A Revolutionary Digital Insurance Broker App in Georgia

Frani is the first digital insurance startup in Georgia, offering a customized insurance package within 3-4 minutes at no additional cost.