Posted: 1 year ago

Lawformer: Revolutionizing Contract Drafting for Lawyers

In 2020, the idea for Lawformer was born - a startup aimed at revolutionizing the contract drafting process for lawyers. Co-founder Giorgi Ghugunishvili identified the need for a library of contractual clauses to speed up the time-consuming process of drafting contracts, saving lawyers up to 60% of their time using innovative technology.

The platform was launched in June 2022, with each user having their own Dashboard to post, save and use the information they need in the future. The priority segment for Lawformer is novice lawyers in their final year, helping them transition from being a student to working in legal companies. The startup already has more than 100 registered users, mostly American and British lawyers, and a database in English to cater to these markets.

Lawformer's main goal is to capture the American and British markets, with the market in Georgia considered too small for this field. The company has already secured partnerships with UC Hastings, which provides legal services to Silicon Valley startups, and Barclays Eagle Labs, which helps LegalTech startups develop and attract investment.

At this stage, Lawformer has raised $100K and 150,000 GEL in investment, with plans to raise solid investment in June. Several meetings have been scheduled in America, and the startup is participating in the biggest international conference in LegalTech - Legal Innovative California and Legal Geek. The market is developing every day, and the demand for Lawformer's services is increasing, necessitating dynamic growth and large financial resources.

The startup was created by four people and has since employed 12 Georgians, including British individuals. Lawformer's innovative technology is changing the game for lawyers, providing a much-needed solution to streamline the contract drafting process. As the startup continues to grow and expand its reach, it is sure to become a major player in the LegalTech industry.