Posted: 1 year ago

Surge Summit: Bridging the Gap between EECCA and European Ecosystems

Surge Summit, a premier startup event, is set to take place in Tbilisi, Georgia this September. The Summit aims to bring together top-tier startups, investors, corporate partners, and ecosystem stakeholders from the EECCA region and beyond, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Tbilisi, Georgia - 5 - 7 September - "Together, we create a global impact," is the driving force behind the upcoming Surge Summit, which aims to strengthen connections between the EECCA region, European ecosystems, and beyond. Set to take place in September, the Surge Summit is proud to announce a growing list of influential partners, including GITA, Ukrainian Startup Fund, and Presto Ventures, all dedicated to empowering startups and fostering collaboration.

Vojta Rocek, Partner at Presto Ventures, highlights the importance of the Surge Summit, saying, "The future of innovation lies in the power of collaboration." Rocek believes that startups in the EECCA region have immense potential and are often more technologically savvy and talented than their western counterparts.

The Surge Summit is an opportunity for these startups to access support, resources, and connections to help them scale their businesses to new markets. Caucasus Business Weekly encourages our readers to attend the Surge Summit and be part of this transformative event, contributing to the growth of the startup ecosystem in the EECCA region and beyond. For more information about the Surge Summit and to secure your spot, visit