Rumsfeld Foundation Program and Its Opportunities

What specific opportunities does this program provide for Georgia?

Turkey and Azerbaijan Inaugurated TANAP Pipeline to Take Gas to Europe

The opening ceremony of Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP)-Europe connection was held on Saturday

Flights Between Georgia and Russia to Resume Next Year

Flights between Georgia and Russia will resume for the first half of 2020, Izvestia reports based on its own government source.

Georgia and Iceland to Plan Signing Air Transport Agreement

It is planned to sign the air transport agreement between Georgia and Iceland. 

Georgia to take Chairmanship of CoE Committee of Ministers Today

Georgia will be Chairman of Committee of Ministers at the Council of Europe from November 27, 2019, to May 15, 2020.

How Many Hydro Power Plans Launched Operation in 2018-2019

Eleven HPPs launched operation in 2018-2019, BM.GE was told at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

Sakaeronavigatsia Meeting the Winter Season with New Navigation Systems

Sakaeronavigatsia Ltd of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia is responsible for the implementation and operation of such technologies that assist aircraft in making accurate and safe flights.

Rehabilitation of Soccer Field Completed in Kaspi

The Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF) has completed rehabilitation of soccer field at Saakadze St. in Kaspi.

Electricity Imports Grow by 14.5%; What is Russia’s Ratio

According to ESCO indicators, in January-October 2019 electricity imports grew by 14.5% to 1 215.8 million kw/hours, while the figure was 1 061.9 million kw/h in the same period of 2018.