Posted: 3 weeks ago

Zurab Nogaideli: Regulatory Hydro Power Plants will Keep Energy System Effective

Georgia’s energy system is one of the most effective systems in the neighborhood, including, as compared to Russia’s energy system.

Citizens of Georgia may be unaware, but both Tbilisi and Moscow residents pay the same tariffs for electricity consumption, Ex-Prime Minster of Georgia and currently, ElGreen energy company’s supervisory board member Zurab Noghaideli noted.

“7% of our consumption is filled with very expensive imported electricity. Steam power plants cannot generate cheap electricity either, because they use expensive imported natural gas. Only hydro resources are comparatively cheaper. Russia generates electricity through its own cheap resources and, at a glance, the electricity tariff should be much cheaper in Russia than in Georgia. In reality, the electricity price in both countries is the same, because we have a perfect and sustainable energy system and we can supply nearly 100% of generated and imported electricity to our final users without losses.

Only insignificant technical losses are recorded, while in Russia, only 65% of commercial electricity reaches the final user and 35% of the generated electricity is lost”, Zurab Noghaideli said. This efficiency of our system is our advantage and we should definitely maintain this advantage, Noghaideli said. “We should always care that the system efficiency and sustainability stay safe. These several mega hydropower plants ensure the effectiveness of our system because their water storage reservoirs enable us to produce as much electricity as we need in this or that specific period, while in Russia, for example, 1,000 megawatts must be generated to supply 650 megawatts to final users”, Zurab Noghaideli pointed out. If we focus on maintaining the current efficiency, we will definitely need to develop major, regulatory HPPs, Noghaideli said.

“Indeed, Georgia should build as many solar and wind power stations as possible, but it is necessary to develop more hydropower plants to maintain the current efficiency of the system. These very facilities should ensure effective and lossless balancing of the growing demand and supply. By the way, the electricity tariff also depends on these aspects”, Zurab Noghaideli said.