Children Clothing Brand Nikoli Exports its Production to Italy

Nikoli started to export its production to Italy. The company also plans to store products in the city of Naples in the near future.

Plasticwatcher to Offer Customers New Platform Soon creates different accessories and sustainable fashion items by collecting expired advertising banners, roll-ups, and household waste from families.

Plant Oil Company Qarva Expands Business

Plant oil company Qarva will buy around 10,000 tons of cereals from farmers a year.

Travel Box - Special Offer for Travel Lovers

Travel Box is the first innovative product for travel lovers, which enables them to have a trip full of surprises.

Talk to City - Project of Anima Chatbotics Receives Funding from City Hall

The project of Anima Chatbotics, Talk to City is the winner of the City Hall contest. The project was awarded a 17,000 GEL grant.

Pom-Pon Prepares to Expand Production

After working in a test regime, the brand Pom-Pon prepares to expand the production.

GDG Group to Open Wine Factory and Chateau in Vani in 2021

GDG Group will open a wine factory and chateau in Vani in the summer of 2021.

Plans of Handmade Headscarf Brand "Anapana"

Anapana is the legend about the ancestors of the goddess of beauty, who were crowned. This is where the brand name "Anapana" came from.

"The Hotel, the Sanatorium, the Pension and Their Refugee’s Room" to Open in Kyiv

The installation organized by Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, focuses on refugee’s rooms in modernist buildings: hotels, sanatoriums and pensions to highlight the curious “blind spots” in urban structures of Kyiv and Tbilisi.