The Innovations and Technologies Agency Launches a Grant Program

Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze announced a new large-scale grant program, thats the Innovations and Technologies Agency starts, - said Avtandil Kasradze, chairman of the innovations and technologies agency.

B COM - New Space for Business Community

TBC Business creates a new space for business community. B COM is a business communication platform that offers a variety of benefits to its affiliated businesses. B COM will contribute to business clients in business creation and development.

Tbilisi to host 9th Annual Microfinance Forum

The 9th Annual Microfinance Forum of the Countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, organized by Uniglobal.

New 650,000 GEL Grant Program Designed to Finance Innovative Programs

The new 650,000 GEL grant program designed to finance innovative programs was announced at Tech Park.

Anaklia Seaport will Become Useless Project if Railroad and Motorway are not Built in Time

“Based on today’s schedules, we can say definitely that Anaklia seaport will be able to receive big ships by 2021”, Anaklia City director general Keti Bochorishvili told Business Morning TV program. 

Georgian Digital Platform WeHost Adds Experience Service

The Georgian digital platform Wehost, together with Lemondo, created additional service for tourists and hosts, called WeHostXP.

Business Model Generation – Revolutionary Book by Alex Osterwalder Translated into Georgian

Business Model Generation, the work by Alex Osterwalder, has been published in Georgian language by the initiative of GEPRA consulting company and in collaboration with Palitra L publishing house.

Irakli Nizharadze: "Only a drastically innovative advertising campaigns will succeed in the future’’

An Interview with Irakli Nizharadze, Head of Marketing at the Development Company "Orion Group"

Cveto Gasperut: Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more

We have interviewed Cveto Gasperut, Enterprise Public Sector Sales Director at Microsoft, responsible for 24 countries, who talked about Artificial Intelligence strategy for coming years.