GPI Holding: Taxes will Increase and Services for Insurance Companies May also Rise in Value

Following the hospital sector, insurance companies have also reacted to the first reform launched by Health Minister Ekaterina Tikaradze under the government resolution No. 520.

Rooms Hotel Kokhta to Host First Guest on December 27

Rooms Hotel Kokhta opens on New Year's Eve in Bakuriani on "Kokhta Gora".

Spotlight 2019 – Bringing the Creative Industry Closer to Customers

Spotlight 2019 is coming - the event full of inspirational stories and motivation.

Giorgi Lolua: :The Best Marketing is the Product that we Create’’

Interview with George Lolua, the Head of Marketing at Hausart Ltd and Hausart Development Ltd.

November Sees 7% Inflation, Record Figure after 2017

Geostat, the national statistics service, published official report for November.

Large-scale Privatization Project – 100 Investment Offers to Business Launched

A large-scale privatization project – 100 Investment Offers to Business was officially launched.

Tsnori Processing Enterprise to Produce 11 tons of Dried Fruit and Fruit Roll-ups

Badagi PLUS company has built a fruit processing plant in the city of Tsnori, The plant is equipped with cutting-edge technologies.

With the Support of TBC Bank, Forum UzInvest 2019 held in London

The Forum - UzInvest 2019 was held in London for investors, business, banking and other sectors. The theme of the event was about investment opportunities and prospects in Uzbekistan.

The Biggest Update in MYMARKET History has Already been Released!

MYMARKET is the most needed place on the Georgian Internet, which has 900,000 unique users each month and has over 100,000 items or services. Mymarket has been practicing Georgian E-Commerce for 16 years.